Paul Loya Gallery


Paul Loya is not just a gallery owner. Sure, his sophisticated and inventive art gallery sits amongst the best of them on La Cienega Boulevard in Culver City, but there’s much more to Paul than simply, “gallery owner”. Paul is a curator of artistic vision.

For the last three years Paul has provided a space that embraces a community of emerging and established contemporary artists. Paul Loya Gallery sets a blank canvas for each of the exhibiting artists to design -– however wild or unrealistic – his or her own creative environment that best compliments their work; giving the viewer a complete experience of the artist’s vision.

Loya spent years hustling as a creative in the art game, bouncing from art show to art show, eagerly displaying his personal works. However, he eventually realized that his true passions lie beyond the paintbrush.

“At the time I kind of realized that I didn’t want to be an artist,” admits Loya. “I enjoyed working with people that inspired me as opposed to being inspired by other people and making work. I thought, ‘If I can do a job where I can work with people who inspire me every day, and help promote their artwork, then that’s the job for me.’”

Loya has since fostered a close knit community of creatives in Los Angeles with a working philosophy of facilitating new creative relationships. We couldn’t be more excited to not only feature Paul in our upcoming issue 09 out Oct. 14th, but also host our release party for the issue at his gorgeous gallery.

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All photos taken by Kris Evans.

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