Paul Loya Gallery


March 7 - May 2, 2015

Paul Loya Gallery is pleased to exhibit WISHFUL THINKING, a solo exhibition of new work from Gordon Holden. The exhibition will open on Saturday, March 7, 2015 and will run through May 2, 2015, with an opening reception on March 7th from 6pm until 9pm.

Gordon Holden remembers when cyberspace was a tender network of messages in bottles, and an internet presence could be secreted from parents like a cartilage piercing hidden behind a lock of hair. Poking around his site is less like scanning a resumé than carefully turning over various tchotchkes on the bookshelves of a date—somehow, an image emerges.

Through photography, collage, painting, sculpture, product collaborations, and web-based treasure hunts, Holden’s practice remains a sprawling, even romantic quest:

My internet self and my gallery self are still trying to link up and find each other.

His visual and tactile mish-mashes are not born of Postmodern malaise but something more post-y: the plaintive retirement of hierarchies supplanted by an aegis of inclusivity, informed by nebulae of memories both personal and collective. Holden’s world is a reverse osmosis of pop with personal abstract apprehension.The word cool has been all de-clawed, and consumer is freighted with cynicism, but in Holden’s purview such concepts become Rubik’s cubes: slightly nostalgic cultural doo-dads to be re-arranged, messed with, and viewed from all angles, but in the end left unsolved. They look more beautiful that way.

For this exhibition, Holden has created a series of ten “paintings” consisting of lit birthday candles punctured through the acrylic-coated canvases, left to dribble and burn at various angles until the artist remembers to blow them out. Fake plastic trees draped in fabrics such as blue shag fur and pleather are embedded with objects both aspirant and pedestrian: an ab roller (as seen on TV!).

Wishful Thinking hones in on the slow burn of desire, from ceremonious acts of fancy to nagging ever present wants.

Paul Loya is please to present Gordon Holden’s first solo exhibition with the gallery.

Gordon Holden (b.1985 Hartford CT) holds a BA in Community Development and applied Economics from the University of Vermont. He has had solo shows at Lyons Wier Gallery and A Gallery in NYC, and participated in the group shows California Dreaming and This Place is Nowhere at Paul Loya Gallery.