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April 2 - May 21, 2016


April 2nd – May 21st, 2016

Opening Reception: April 2nd, 6 – 9pm


1. coming from abroad

2. travelling or migratory; wandering

Casual is what comes to mind when describing Nolan Hall’s photographic style, transporting the viewer to these small intimate moments with his subject. His subjects having very public lives as professional athletes and images of them are usually prearranged by their sponsors for marketing purposes. Nolan gives us that “fly on the wall” experience as one of their peers, he has captured these candid moments where the silence seems to settle in. Peregrine not only applies to Nolan’s lifestyle but also describes the viewer, as he takes the them into that quiet place.

Nolan Hall was born in Orange County California, rich in surfing history and home to the quintessential endless summer. He became interested in surfing by his father avidly taking him to the beach during his formative years and passing on the tradition. Recognizing the beauty in the culture and communities around him, Hall started in on photography in his early teen years, traveling up and down the coast with friends and fellow surfers capturing simple moments that often go overlooked. Eventually becoming a team manager for Vans’ Surf Program, Hall is able to travel & experience surfing life all over the globe. Nolan Hall has been featured in Surfer Magazine, Monster Children, What Youth, Bliss Magazine, Stab Magazine and Rolling Stone. Nolan resides in Costa Mesa, CA.

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