Paul Loya Gallery

Hit The Lights

April 27 - June 1, 2013


April 27th – June 1, 2013

Opening Reception: April 27th, 6-10 pm



William Binnie

Nolan Hall

Julia Randall

Brendan Donnelly

Matt Maust

Danny Simon

Dima Drjuchin

Felipe Merida

Corey Smith

Erik Foss

Russell Nachman

Joan van Barneveld

Tom Fruin

Scott Pommier


Paul Loya Gallery is proud to present it’s inaugural grand opening April 27th, HIT THE LIGHTS. After 2 years of hand selecting each artist, the gallery is very pleased to be showcasing an exhibition to introduce this very talented group of artists that is the foundation of the gallery’s program. One of Paul’s main visions for the gallery was have  a family-like unit with the artists; a place they could call home. After finding and researching each one through different avenues, coincidently a majority of them either knew of each other or were friends already. Having this unique bond between the artists will allow for amazing collaborations, inspiration and feedback amongst one another.

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