Paul Loya Gallery


July 9 - August 21, 2016



JULY 9TH – AUGUST 21, 2016

Opening Reception: Saturday // July 9th, 2016  6-9 pm

Paul Loya Gallery is proud to present our Summer group exhibition, HEAT, a group exhibition featuring the works of 7 diverse artists, Aaron Elvis Jupin, Brian Montouri, Chas Schroeder, James Ulmer, Kingsley Ifill, Ryan Schaffer, and Sterling Bartlett. The exhibition will run from July 9th, 2016 until August 21nd, 2016, with an artist reception on July 9th from 6-9 PM.

This exhibition is comprised of seven artists whom have caught the gallery’s eye and have continued to stay on our radar the past year. Paul Loya Gallery receives countless submissions and we take the time to look at each one. Not only does the work of these seven stand out, but each artist displays uniqueness through their discipline to their practice as well as their individual personalities. This year we found ourselves drawn to the traditional painting practice. Although each artist’s aesthetic is unique and their applications varyy, we felt that they each would not only blend well with our program but develop it in its progression.

Each bio below were given to us by the artists as they wanted them.


Aaron Elvis Jupin has a mild obsession with classic animation…and vintage adult entertainment magazines. Though usually not mentioned in the same sentence, the two stand as influential imagery for the Los Angeles-based artist’s paintings.

Jupin abstracts thick line work and background imagery from cartoons and comics – think classic Disney animation – painting and piecing together a larger work that gives all new meaning to the familiar visual language acquainted with early animation. Drooping white flowers, Donald Duck-like feet and beaks, and cartoon rope all make appearances either on canvas or over the faces and bodies of the women found in the pages of Jupin’s vast collection of vintage  pinup magazines.


Kingsley Ifill’s paintings focuses on increasingly easily accessible images found within mass media to investigate how they are influencing the development and evolution of societies perceptions, dependencies, obsessions and desires. Consciously neglecting and deconstructing images and logos of their existing values and meanings to form alternative abstract narratives.

Kingsley resides in London, England.


Ryan’s thick, globby forms create narratives that come from folklore and             influenced by acient Greek mythology. His crude line work and minimalistic forms are stragetically placed. His background in tattooing has lent him to devlop this unique style and his ability to break down characters and backgrounds into simplistic beings. They almost take on an animated affect and have this humerous sensiblity that comes with the clunkiness of the painting itself.

Ryan lives and works in Los Angeles.


Sterling Bartlett has worked as a commercial illustrator for the better part of the last decade. Working primarily in the arenas of music and action-sports, the bulk of his output was rendered in graphite depicting cultural in-jokes and visual pun. In what has been called “a recent about-face”, Bartlett’s practice shifted into color with a more narrative approach. Hand-drawn portraits juxtaposed against literary quotes gave way to luminous renderings of the domestic architecture found in the working-class neighborhoods of Eastern Los Angeles, where he lives and works. His paintings (a mix of monoprint and traditional brushwork embellished with charcoal) are pulled from photos taken with his iPhone; and while these new images eschew the direct subcultural jabs of his earlier commercial work, writer and critic Christina Catherine Martinez notes, “the tenor of his worldview remains seeped in the paper, darkening the candy-colored acrylics with mere shadows of meaning.”


Montuori uses the tranquility and beauty of classical landscape painting as a perfect stage to present the tragic scene of disorder and chaos. Painted with a deft variation of styles which he conducts seamlessly, Montuori breaks from tradition, finding new techniques to portray the active motion. Montuori describes the exquisite agony of this explosion of fire and carnage while also maintaining an intangible humor which penetrates the despair.

Born in 1977, Brian Montuori lives and works in Los Angeles.


HISTORY OF THE WORLD are composed of clay mimic three small rocks found in the area of the Inscription Canyon petroglyphs, north of Barstow, CA. By using a natural material to sculpt fake, blown up versions of the small rocks, I am investigating the formation of Earth from rock, the formation of humans from Earth and the formation of civilization from humans.

Chas Schroeder (b. 1982 Sun Valley, ID) received his BFA from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA in 2005 and his MFA from Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA in 2015. He currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.


While James Ulmer’s (Philadelphia) drawings may evoke memories of childhood innocence, their complexity and precision belie the notions of simplicity or nostalgia. Beautifully and carefully made, they convey both his talents as a draftsman, and his understanding of how to convey emotion. Elmer graduated from the University of the Arts in 2005 with a degree in Illustration and Design and was awarded the Thorton Oakly Medal by the Society of Illustrators. Ulmer was a member of the Philadelphia’s legendary Space 1026 Collective from 2008-2011. Ulmer recently had a drawing published in the New York Times. He has exhibited his work in New York, Austin, Texas, and Baltimore, MD and Stockholm Sweden. The artist is currently living and working Brooklyn.