Paul Loya Gallery

Represented Artist

Nolan Hall

Nolan Hall is a California surfer/photographer who captures today’s contemporary music and surf scene. He is also a commissioned photographer for Vans and RVCA

Growing up surfing at beaches such as Doheny and San Onofre surfing with, Alex Knost, Robbie Kegal and Tyler Warren gave Nolan an amazing opportunity to shoot his future subjects and lifestyle that would  define his photography. Looking thru his catalog of photos is a glimpse of “The Day In The Life of Nolan Hall.” They are not tried, but genuine,  just a bunch of good friends enjoying laughs and hanging out, and Nolan is there to capture those moments.

Having worked at RVCA when ANP Quarterly was in its beginning stages, gave him an amazing opportunity to work alongside Aaron Rose, Barry McGee and Thomas Campbell. Working with such well established artists gave Nolan a unique opportunity to help his own photography career develop in a professional and sophisticated style.