Paul Loya Gallery

Represented Artist

Joan Van Barneveld

Jowan van Barfield

The motives within the paintings at the moment are either landscapes or stages. The landscapes are often based on anonymous internet sources, the stages are based on photos  taken of the empty stage from the wings, just before performing. Generally Joan is looking for contemporary scenes of the sublime, places where we can lose ourselves or disappear, places bigger than us.

Joan is intrigued with the distance that is created by working in the medium of painting, but has also been trying to work in a more direct sense ;to produce work which can be physically experienced and which is what it is. Banning personal handwriting all the same, but still containing the same sort of double reality as my paintings often posess. This led to the creation of a couple of installations, one of which is ‘invocation 1 [Kurt Cobains greenhouse]’, that has been shown in his first museum solo in the Netherlands at museum Het Domein Sittard in 2009. This installation is a 1:1 recreation of the greenhouse above the garage at Cobains house in Seattle. His main objective in doing this installation was the recreation of a space that only exists mentally and to be able to experience the presence of this place.