Paul Loya Gallery

Represented Artist

Corey Smith

Corey Smith is a painter, sculptor and photographer from Portland, OR, who currently resides in downtown Los Angeles, CA. He has been exhibiting his work in galleries all over the US for over ten years. Smith has been featured in countless print magazines and online sources.

Smith’s high-gloss, ultra-flat paintings capture the joys of plasticity and pre-fab environments, celebrity as the ultimate blank canvas, and the absurd hyperboles of modern leisure. But rather than repackage the manufactured world into an aestheticized form–a la post-Warholian Pop–Smith favors a post-Pop approach that brings into day-glo focus the dark vision at the corner of the spectator’s eye. The paintings find their subject in the tension between the works’ fatalistic undercurrents and the celebratory aura created by Smith’s use of bold color and bright-lined contour.