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We are happy to announce a new project titled PORCH, we have been working on these past few weeks.

“After two years of having this simple exterior, I have thought alot about what I could do with this space. A wall mural? Courtyard sculpture? New signage? What would be intriguing, unique, sophisticated and bring life to our outdoor space?

Why not bring in local designers, design teams and or florists to activate the space with their craft. Designers are too curators of space and with abundance of talent I see around me thru social circles, social media and friends that I grew up with, why not open the our space up to see what can come to life.”

-Paul Loya

Our first designer we have chosen is a long time friend and supporter of the gallery, Eric Trine. With his improvisational approach to his design and spontaneous arrangements of forms we are truly excited to see what he has in store for us. All items will be available for purchase. Opens Saturday, March 7th. Reception from 3-6pm.